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The Millennium Wind Turbine
 Millennium:  A future period of 1,000 years.   A period of good government,  great happiness, prosperity and...
environmental concern?
Patent # 8,063,502 


When the airplane was first invented, horizontal-axis props were used; later on, a prop was turned sideways and the helicopter was born.  I invented a new kind of wind turbine by essentially doing the same thing.  I turned the traditional wind turbine on its side to make a new vertical-axis machine.

The new wind turbine uses a tube-shroud encasement for its disc-like wheel to spin through.  The wheel is shaped somewhat like a bicycle rim turned sideways.  Simply put, wind is funneled onto paddles attached along the outer edge of the wheel, and the wind is pushed through the tube encasement, spinning the wheel.  The simple design allows for easy “tweaking” at many points, although the most critical factor will be the weight of the wheel itself.

This new turbine uses superior vertical-axis technology, which means simpler drive-train/gear-box dynamics.  This translates into easier maintenance on components that are not only hidden from view, but also protected from destructive weather.  No expensive emergency crane or helicopter call-outs.  Think about how this new enclosed wind turbine can blend in with its surroundings without presenting a hazzard to birds if that’s a problem in environmentally sensitive areas. 

The Millennium wind turbine is radically different from those being used today, because there are no whirling blades!  Maybe  it can become a future "built-in green feature” for some homes and businesses in the more favorable wind zones, and perhaps the expense could be rolled into mortgages.  I envision this new kind of VAWT in use on thousands of government and military buildings.  Large models can be turned into power plants, partially eliminating the need for a grid in windy, remote locations.


Could this new VAWT be the
next energy game-changer?



            Another Embodiment, this one pole-mounted and self-turning.



  A very early (and unsuccessful) marketing attempt,
 targeting Twin Cities, MN media.  Around June, '08.

Here's a YouTube Animation Video of One Embodiment:


 The answer is blowing in the wind, my friends....