Benefits of a Shrouded VAWT

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Benefits of a Shrouded VAWT
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Here are some ways the Shrouded Wind Turbine is different from other vertical-axis wind turbines, and some benefits:       

·        Design is simple; utilizes potentially superior vertical-axis technology. 

·        Rebels against oil tyranny; enhances America’s future energy needs. 

·        Withstands harsh climates; components are enclosed and protected. 

·        Non-hazardous to humans or birds; no whirling blades. 

·        Easy to install and maintain; no furling blades or tower load problems. 

·        Provides convenient on-site electricity; plug-in for autos. 

·        Suitable for single-family, commercial, government, or military use. 

·        Owners can detach from the grid or sell extra electricity back. 

·        Can be used for offshore production of hydrogen. 

System can be stacked for wind farms.

.  Costly turbine towers will not be needed.

.  Reduce or even eliminate electricity distribution costs.

.  Safely power buildings anywhere there is a good wind.

.  Earth experiences a cleaner, greener future! 

 The answer is blowing in the wind, my friends....