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About Flywheels and Grids....

One solution that could help utilities stabilize the load on regional and national power grids involves an old technology taken to a colossal new scale:  flywheels for energy storage.  Meet the flywheel! 

Simple flywheels have been around for centuries, and were once a routine component of mechanical wristwatches and clocks.  Like batteries, they are energy storage devices.  But instead of stockpiling energy in chemical form, flywheels hold it in the kinetic energy of a spinning, low-friction rotor. The larger and heavier the rotor and the faster it turns, the more energy is in the flywheel. 

I realized that the wheels of my newly invented VAWTs could be heavy enough to be considered flywheels.  That was the jumping off point to seeing that the new wind turbines could, in fact, become green 24/7 power plants...with the use of heavy, spinning wheels.  Then I realized that multiple prompts could keep the system going, and most importantly, that the multiple prompts could be "loaded" by the wind turbine itself.

For instance, late at night the turbine could switch from producing electricity to mechanically storing energy for the later prompts needed during future periods of diminished wind.  I'm talking about coil springs, air pressure...any hybrids that could work with the and hydro input, too, when practicable.  These power plants could be either on or off the grid; they could thrive in the better wind zones! 

Now, add to this the Federal push for building upgrades.  I remind folks that $4 billion dollars was recently earmarked for building upgrades…and my new VAWT can in many cases retrofit almost any building structure by simply adding another smaller story containing the enclosed wind turbine.  Howling winds, high up, can be captured and turned into electricity for the buildings to use.

I envision huge buildings with their own power plants, and also military and government installations using new, clean, green, mostly wind-powered plants.  Abundant natural gas can always be the final prompt, when needed.  Communities in good wind zones can have their own green power plants without being tied into the grid, or they can have a built-in capability for detaching from the grid in emergencies to protect their community power source.  Again, after adding several clean prompts, the system can even use natural gas for positive 24/7 backup.

I believe that this new wind turbine power plant system is waiting to help save American manufacturing…and the Planet!  Can data centers be matched with high wind zones?  Yes, in many areas.  Well then, my wind turbine system can be designed to work with data centers, specifically.  Besides using a lot of electricity, data centers generate a lot of heat which could be dealt with using the exhaust from power plant wind turbines.

There is no reason why communities or data centers cannot use wind, sun and possibly even water to provide green energy in a hybrid mix.  This can be done by locating data centers in good wind zones, and then providing some of the data centers' power needs via a hybrid mix; wind would dominate.  The turbines would be located near heat exchangers.  Yes, these new enclosed VAWT wind turbines, as flywheels, can self-store multiple clean prompts to create 24/7 mostly green systems. 

Imagine a system that can run most of the time on clean wind energy, but when the wind is low, various self-stored prompts can keep the turbine going.  A clean “flywheel” power plant is not out of the question in the better wind zones!  Lastly, how much money can be saved across Earth if people didn't have to pay unnecessarily for power transmission and distribution?

 The answer is blowing in the wind, my friends....